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    Our expertise setting up for live performances, the reliability of our equipment, our crane operators’ precision, our health and safety expertise, etc.

This project was one of the most spectacular and complex things we have ever done. It took place over 3 days and at many sites at once, so the project required rigorous planning to ensure that this performance would be successful for our client and for the City of Montréal, which was celebrating its 375th birthday.

Guay Inc. was selected to handle the project because of its lifting expertise during live performances, our equipment’s reliability (which is crucial for an event of this magnitude), our crane operators’ precision and our project manager’s experience, all qualities acquired from other similar projects, as well as our safety expertise, as we had to carry out lifting while ensuring the crowd and the performers remained safe.

The most imposing lift required a 110-ton Grove TMS9000E crane. The Deep-Sea Diver see photo) weighed 5300 lbs. with a 75-foot radius. The imposing marionette was 10.8 meters tall, which is the equivalent of 5 storeys!

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