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The logistics challenge

This project was one of the most complex upon which we have ever worked. We had to lift and move several railcars and 2 locomotives weighing more than 200 tons each after a derailment. We had to provide our client the best method to recover the locomotives.

Our logistical challenge was to find the best way to recover the locomotives by transporting our crane by rail. An access road and a pad for our crane had to be planned with our team in the field, our partners on the project and our team in the technical department. We had to transport a 350-ton crane and 2 x 130-ton cranes in order to be able to assemble our 700-ton crane directly at the worksite.

The human challenge

We encountered extreme temperatures of around -30oC to -40oC during the work, so all of the workers had to brave the cold to carry out this mission. The operators also had to move the crane by lifting these more than 200-ton locomotives on a slope, which requires excellent planning and excellent operators.

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